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Artist's Statement

Art, to me, is all about the process.  It’s my reaction to the world and to the marks I am making on the canvas.  I may be looking at a figure or landscape, listening to music, or reacting to bits of images and thoughts that swirl in my head.  But, painting is like a improv performance.  Regardless of how I begin, the work evolves beyond my initial plan.  


As I work, each new move comes as a reaction to the one before.  I can’t tell you what I’ll do next until I’ve finished the current stroke.  It’s like good conversation, where you don’t plan what you’ll say and you enjoy the twists and turns of the interaction rather than worrying about where you’ll end.  What is left, the final painting, is a record of my process, of that conversation.


Nancy Ramsey, a painter from Alexandria, Virginia, values exploring the natural world and often references nature and the human form within her abstract art.  She also enjoys painting more abstractly on intuitive projects in which each stroke forms in response to the one before.  Collaborating with other artists, writers and dancers is a particular interest and inspiration.

Watershed Potomac, Alexandria
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